Homebuyer Application


Application Instructions:
When completing the forms below, you will need to Get Adobe Reader, open the approprate application, enter your information and print. (Note that you will not be able to save the completed file so PRINT BEFORE CLOSING).

Before Starting the application process, click the "Application Checklist" to open and print the Application Checklist for either applications. Failure to provide ALL of the items in the checklist will delay the approval process.

Open First - Homebuyer Application Checklist

Homebuyer Application

Delray Beach Community Land Trust Housing Program Disclosure

Credit Report Authorization and Privacy Disclosure Form

Selection Process

To purchase a DBCLT Property, an applicant must meet threshold criteria in the following areas:

1. Legal Status and Competency
2. Creditworthiness
3. Mortgage readiness
4. Income Eligibility
5. Homebuyer Education

Additional criteria which may contribute to the success of an application include:

Low Income

• Households with incomes which do not exceed 80% of the Palm Beach County AMI
Click here to view the 2018 HUD Income Limits Adjusted to Family Size.

Local Priority

• Households where a head of household resides in or works in Delray Beach
• Bona fide offer to work in Delray Beach

Contribute to Afforable Housing Inventory

• Households who have sold or entered into a contract to sell their dwelling to the Delray Community Land Trust, thereby contributing to the affordable housing inventory

Click to read the full selection criteria for complete details of the criteria for application.

The Delray Beach Community Land Trust (DBCLT) is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and conducts business in accordance with the U.S. Fair Housing Act, the State of Florida and City of Delray Beach anti-discrimination laws and policies.